NOTICE: This Volunteer based portal will be a dedicated point of information for "The Pocket" community as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.
Please check back often as we continue to gather/update content for this site.
  • Pocket Community Association (PCA) - Request Assistance Form

  • If you are experiencing an emergency, please do not fill out this form. Instead pick up your phone and dial 911 for assistance. 

    The Pocket Community Association (PCA’s) COVID-19 Committee has gathered volunteers throughout The Pocket to help others, like you, who live here. There are no fees for assistance from our volunteers, and they are here to help or talk to you about any concerns you may be experiencing. We are all in this together. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help—in fact, it’s a sign of wisdom and shows you want to make something better!

    Our neighbourhood has many people who need help and many people who can help others—most people will find themselves needing help and providing help at various times during this crisis. Whether you’d like a volunteer to phone you once a day to have a friendly chat, pick up or deliver important items, carry your collection bins to the curb and back, or do something we haven’t mentioned here, we hope you won’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    As an alternative to filling out this form, you may call the PCA's COVID-19 helpline at 416-848-0977 and leave a voicemail request for assistance. Someone from the PCA COVID-19 Committee will review it and reach out to help as soon as they can.

    If you wish, complete the information below and someone from the PCA COVID-19 Committee will review it and reach out to help as soon as they can.

    The PCA is collecting this information for the purpose of matching your request for assistance with the appropriate volunteer(s) in The Pocket during the COVID-19 pandemic and will use it only for this purpose, unless you give written permission to use it for another reason. All copies of the form will be securely destroyed after this period. 

    Please keep in mind that we will respond as soon as possible and that this is not an emergency service.

    To protect myself and others, I agree to follow up-to-date Toronto Public Health COVID-19 guidelines about infection prevention. 

    * Fields marked in RED are required fields to be completed.

  • I understand that my information will be reviewed by the Chair of the PCA COVID-19 Committee (Lori Zucchiatti O’Neill) and will not be shared without my verbal or written permission; if permission is granted, my information will only be shared with a Registered PCA COVID-19 Volunteer and for the sole purpose of fulfilling my request for help.