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Strategies to maintain your mental wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic

As social (physical) distancing may continue for a long time, CAMH has posted some wonderful strategies on psychological coping with COVID19 — including self-assessment tools -

The following are links to guided mindfulness exercises that you and your family and friends may find useful. These have been developed and recorded for the intervention studies that Mandana Vahabi and I are undertaking and found to be effective in reducing stress and promoting resilience.

Mindfulness Practice #1 - Grounding Exercise

  • This a grounding exercise that helps us to connect to the present time and letting go of thoughts.

Mindfulness Practice #2 - Clouds in the Sky

  • This defusion exercise helps us to develop skills in observing our thoughts and emotions (worries, anxiety, fear) and recognize them as what they are — thoughts, feelings and emotion, nothing more, nothing less. This is very helpful in reducing worries and anxiety.


Mindfulness Practice #3 - Loving-Kindness

  • The practice of loving-kindness during our current crisis situation may promote our psychological resilience.