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NOTICE: This Volunteer based portal will be a dedicated point of information for "The Pocket" community as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.
Please check back often as we continue to gather/update content for this site.
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  • We are inventorying businesses (Large and Small / At Home or Mobile / Consultants) in The Pocket and the immediate surrounding area. As residents of The Pocket manage through these moments, we need to know what resources we have available and how best to access those services offered. Businesses are for profit with a person(s) making a living from those profits. While we encourage you to be generous and kind, we also encourage you to be practical and reasonable for your business interests.

    This directory will take time to compile but the sooner you provide this information to us, the faster we can adjust to an approprate response to help everyone. You could be a store, a restaurant, a photographer, a chef, an IT Professional, a business consultant, a seamstress, a chemist, ... there are no defined limits at the moment. You also do not need to be the owner to request a listing, so we do ask you to provide as much information as possible.

  • Only the information provide above will be published online. Please provide your contact information below, so that we can contact you for more details or updates. The below information will not be publish.